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TORC Racing Club round updates 2016

Kyneton Sprint Round 10 Wrap-up

Round 10 was the final event of the year and it was a big one with 24 entries including 3 buggies from the NSW Superlites.

Racing was run with a random draw and this placed the drivers into two groups, Group #1 and #2 with buggies from both Limited (<1000cc) and Unlimited (>1000cc) classes mixed together. Each group then ran 4 heats each and then the points were totalled to decide the final races with a higher point group and a lower point group with grid positions from fastest to slowest. After the final races we had the Spittoon which was made up of two flying laps. With the points all collated the results were as follow:

Limited (<1000cc)
1st           6 Dave Taylor 60 Points
2nd          11 Andrew Doyle 27 Points
3rd          “K” Kruiz Jenkins 12 Points

Dave Taylor was flying and nobody could get near him in the limited class.  Kruiz Jenkins put on a good show for the few races that he raced and Andrew Doyle was consistent all day as usual.

Unlimited (>1000cc)
1st         155 Eric Schifelner 75 Points
2nd          20 Peter Richards 54 Points
3rd          10 Jamie Baensch 52 Points

Eric Schifelner dominated in Group #1 and Craig Todd dominated in Group #2. In the final  Eric finished 1st, Peter Richards 2nd and Jamie Baensch 3rd. Craig Todd was out early with mechanical issues and Andrew Taylor looked like he would get in front of Eric but unfortunately on the final lap broke a rear shock absorber.

Spittoon Results
1st           33 Craig Todd 155.3
2nd          10 Jamie Baensch 158.2
3rd           20 Peter Richards 158.4
4th          6 Andrew Taylor 159.6 (in fathers buggy)
5th          93 Dave Wellington 204.8
6th          11 Andrew Doyle 207.3
7th          5 Jarryd Fountain   207.9
8th          6 Dave Taylor 207.6
9th          66 Paul Lever/Drabik buggy (Still Going (DNS) with a spectacular finish in amongst the tyres)

2016 Drivers Points for the Year

Over the ten rounds for 2016 the final result are as follows:

Limited (<1000cc)
1st           6 Dave Taylor 255 Points
2nd          11 Andrew Doyle 123 Points
3rd          77 Kruiz Jenkins 90 Points

Nobody could catch up to Dave Taylor who had a large lead.

Unlimited (>1000cc)
1st          10 Jamie Baensch 355 Points
2nd          20 Peter Richard 228 Points
3rd          23 Andrew Taylor 193 Points

Jamie turned up to every race and accumulated points at every event for his efforts.

Chris Nicholls from P1 Race Photography ( was taking photos and will be preparing an article for Dirt Comp Magazine. Really looking forward to seeing the great photos that Chris has taken. If you haven’t already seen Chris’s work check out this article he featured on us in 2014.

Chris took over 2000 photos, he will be selling them at 10 dollars each (minimum 3 of). Please email Chris directly on Please give him until mid-December to get back to you.

Can I suggest that you check out Dirt Comp Magazine and maybe take out a subscription? They will be posting these results to their social media site very soon and doing a feature on us in the January edition.

Lastly, thank you to everybody, it was great weekend of racing.

(Words by Trev and Jamie)


Jamie Baensch
TORC Off Road Racing Club